We at the TYPO3 GmbH burn for our powerhouse CMS TYPO3. As a service company established by the TYPO3 Association, we provide support services and take on the development of the TYPO3 CMS software, as well as push the TYPO3 Project forward.

Every year we are actively involved in TYPO3 community live and online events—conferences, camps, or user groups. We give talks, offer workshops or linger in the background and give a helping hand if assistance is needed in whichever way.

We are also responsible for maintaining and further developing platforms in the TYPO3 ecosystem—e.g., my.typo3.org - the TYPO3 user hub, shop.typo3.com - the official TYPO3 shop, exam.typo3.com - the TYPO3 online certification platform, and various community support platforms (for example, forger.typo3.com or the TYPO3 community reimbursement platform).

  • Free choice of hardware without restrictions

  • Proper beverages available for everyone at the office

  • child-friendly working environment